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SKU ST00034
The AAC Clyde Space STARBUCK series power systems are at the heart of every mission, with hundreds of systems available and no reported failures in orbit. Whether with direct energy transfer or maximum power point tracking, full redundancy, or degradation, our high quality solutions are reliable. The STARBUCK-PICO and STARBUCK-NANOEPS boards are specially designed to meet the volume and power demands typically required for 1U to 16U CubeSat missions (although many customers are on larger small satellites. Also uses STARBUCK-NANO-PLUS). For large small satellites, our STARBUCK-MICRO and STARBUCK-MINI power control and distribution units (PCDUs) provide reliable and efficient power processing for missions. With the ability to utilize either direct energy transfer or maximum power point tracking architecture, these larger EPS units can meet the demands of most small satellite missions.