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S-band transceiver

by IMT Srl
SKU ST00114
The S-Band Transceiver (SBTRcvr) for the microsat platform performs common onboard telemetry and command functions. It consists of two different functional sections, receiver and transmitter, and is based on a well-integrated analog architecture. Three vertically stacked trays, or modules, contain the unit's electronics. Receiver Transmitter Reference Oscillator and Interface Regarding the technology used, SBTRcvr is based on a robust and standard surface mount device (SMD) manufacturing approach and reliable FR4 and polyamide printed circuit boards. The choice of COTS device was made to reduce its sensitivity to radiation. The radiation resistance level of 10krad is considered as a design parameter. The modular design allows you to derive from the basic design a COTS-based product line for LEO missions as transmitters for high data rate transmissions and command receivers for various modulation formats and frequency bandwidths.