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NanoCom XT8250

SKU ST00098
The GomSpace NanoCom XT8250 is a flexible and efficient DVB-S2-compatible X-band transmitter system consisting of an integrated antenna and an SDR-based modulator. The system offers downlink rates up to 225 Mbps. This product is based on a flight-proven software defined radio (SDR) product and integrated antenna design. With up to 3W of RF output power and DVB-S2 compliance, this product is compatible with standard X-band ground station services. The integrated antenna contains the antenna and power amplifier in a single module, improving efficiency inside the satellite and reducing EMI. The NanoCom XT8250 is ideal for innovative microsatellite remote sensing missions that require high downlink data rates. The modulator occupies a single PC104-style PCB inside the satellite, and the integrated antenna occupies a 1U surface of the satellite's surface.