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NanoCom AX2150

SKU ST00099
The new NanoCom AX2150 is designed on the basis of many years of experience and tradition of AX100 VHF / UHF radio, which has a flying tradition since 2014. This time, I designed a small transceiver for the S-band spectrum. The success of the NanoCom AX100's flight software and hardware has been transferred to the design of the AX2150. To provide the most flexible solution, the AX2150 is designed to allow full in-flight reconstruction of carrier and intermediate frequencies, bit rates, modulation options, and channel filter bandwidth. The AX2150 maintains exactly the same small form factor as the AX100. .. This means it can be docked to the NanoDock DMC-3 along with some other subsystems. Due to the importance of communication between subsystems, the AX2150 has multiple CSP data interfaces (I2C, UART, CAN) to facilitate integration. It also includes an ESD-protected UART / GOSH console interface for easy use in development lab setup. The AX2150 can be used in several different configurations. Two S-band patch antennas can be used to make the signal omnidirectional. The total weight of the product with aluminum shield is less than 32 grams.