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The Space Dynamics Group for the Use of Space Systems (GAUSS Srl) is an Italian private company that continues the old tradition of Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale in the field of microsatellite. GAUSS has gained experience from satellite launches of nine different shapes and sizes. The company's business is primarily related to the design and realization of micro, nano, pico and femto satellites and is also used as a CubeSat, PocketQube and their release deployers and platforms. GAUSS's activities include structural design, implementation and integration of key subsystems, including onboard computers, radio, customer payloads, and all ground segment systems and operations. It is also a small launch provider for collecting small satellites realized by universities, research centers and the small satellite industry on its own UniSat satellite / release platform and deploying them in orbit. IOD / IOV services are also provided for UniSat satellite third-party payloads.