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Propulsion unit for CubeSats (PUC)

SKU ST00065
The CubeSat (PUC) propulsion unit is a complete, high-performance, compact satellite propulsion solution. The all-welded titanium body is fully integrated with all required propulsion subsystems including microcontrollers, power processing units, microcavity discharge (MCD) thrusters, propellant valves, heaters, sensors and software. PUC uses CUA's patented MCD propellant heating technology, high-density, self-pressurizing liquid propellant, and optimized low-mass flow nozzles for high-impulse, low-capacity functionality. To do. The PUC can be configured in software to operate at a wide range of power, thrust, and impulse levels. System setpoints, system status, and launch telemetry can all be accessed and configured via the RS422 serial interface. PUC can be customized to meet mission requirements.