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CubeSat Promotion System EPSS

SKU ST00122
The system realizes approximately 80% of the cost of a significant restart of satellite operators. The propulsion system is designed to be modular and can be integrated with multiple small satellite platforms on the market today and in the future. The system is designed to be easily scaled to optimize for the client's mission by adjusting the capacity of the tank to meet the needs of different propellant volumes. The system is fueled by an ADN-based monopropellant, which has up to 6% higher specific impulse and 24% higher energy density than systems using hydrazine, resulting in significant storage volumes. Can store levels of thrust. In addition, EPSS enables a high thrust-to-volume to weight ratio with the very low power budget required, making it highly competitive and practically proven, even when compared to electrical (high Isp) propulsion. Will be the solution. Since the ADN-based propellant is "green", its use contributes to the ESA and NASA clean space initiatives. Components such as valves, fuel tanks, propellant management systems and high performance thrusters are designed, manufactured and supplied by the world-renowned aerospace company, a partner of Nano Avionics.