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Cubesat battery pack

by IMT Srl
SKU ST00116
The unit can be customized according to the mission requirements (4P / 2S 2P / 4S). Other configurations are available (up to 16 cells). The standard configuration provides a 2S 2P configuration (42 Whr) and an 8.4V terminal voltage at the end of charging. Each cell is equipped with a heater to prevent low temperatures (below -5 ° C) monitored by two temperature sensors. Overprotection due to the implementation of overcurrent, overcharge and overdischarge. The unit is fully compliant with other Cubesat subsystems. IMT has an internal cell acceptance test procedure. This procedure consists of various steps for investigating the manufacturing and storage conditions of the cell. Visual inspection, mechanical and electrical measurements, X-rays, DPA (sample base), automatic charge / discharge / internal resistance measurements, vibration and vacuum tests are part of the IMT procedure.