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Cubesat onboard computer

by IMT Srl
SKU ST00111
The IMT Cubesat Onboard Computer (OBC) is based on the latest COTS technology available on the market. The processor is a high-performance 32-bit Microchip PIC32MZ M14K based on the MIPSTM core with a maximum operating frequency of 200MHz. The three memory banks have independent anti-latch-up circuitry. The RAM bank uses a standard 16MB Cellular RAMTMPS RAM chip. The flash NOR memory bank uses high speed SQI and the flash NAND memory bank is controlled via standard ONFI. Both NAND flash memory and NOR flash memory have a triple redundant configuration by majority vote. OBC provides 32 analog channel inputs with hot redundancy for each channel. 16 inputs are available to the user and the other 16 are dedicated to internal computer telemetry data. Two oscillators with another backup crystal contribute to mission reliability. Another contribution to mission reliability is provided by an internal dual flash and RAM panel that allows live firmware updates for critical missions. Standard interfaces such as SPI, CAN bus, I2C, and UART have two channels for each type. USB 2.0 and extended JTAG interfaces can be used with EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment). Two real-time clocks and calendars with solid-state lithium batteries allow you to maintain up to 5 days of time without an external power source. The dual watchdog system and deadman timer are provided for the reliability of critical missions. Four PWM bidirectional outputs are available (that is, to perform ACS functions). In addition, the dashcam interface (OBCI) enables in-vehicle computer applications for earth observation missions.