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AAC Clyde Space

We provide market-leading space solutions and services for government, commercial and educational institutions. AAC Clyde Space operates internationally within the small satellite market segment and specializes in providing advanced spacecraft, tested, reliable and robust subsystems, and mission services. We provide the expertise and experience to provide a wide range of commercial-focused satellite solutions. A complete end-to-end microsatellite mission with the ability to provide customers with everything from constellation design to satellite operations. Our solutions are designed for manufacturing and have an impressive mission. We are a market-leading provider of new space technology that pushes the boundaries of small satellite capabilities. AAC Clyde Space provides high value space solutions and systems to commercial, government and educational customers. Products from the Rapid Integration Architecture ™ family are uniquely positioned to deliver systems and products throughout the value chain, from fault-tolerant and reliable small satellite-based space missions to educational missions and engineering training. Virtual System Integration ™ significantly reduces integration costs and enables system-level simulation and verification on a global scale by remotely connecting avionics and payloads over secure internet links.