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Laminated insulation super insulation

SKU ST00154

・ Protects the surface of spacecraft and artificial satellites from the radiant heat of the sun

・ Abundant achievements in space applications such as "Stork" and "Kibo"

-Polyimide material has excellent heat resistance


A vacuum multilayer heat insulating material used as a radiant heat suppression film in vacuum areas in cryogenic and space applications. It exhibits excellent heat insulation performance as a MLI * for cryogenic temperatures of machines used near absolute zero, such as superconducting equipment, superconducting power transmission cables, and cryogenic containers, and as a thermal shield that protects artificial satellites and spacecraft from radiant heat. In space applications, we have many achievements such as the space station replenisher "Konotori" and the International Space Station "Kibo".

※ MLI: Multi-Layer Insulation

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