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Monopropellant propulsion unit (MPUC)

SKU ST00069
CU Aerospace has tested a Principle Demonstration Unit Propulsion Propulsion Unit for CubeSats (MPUC). Complete catalytic combustion has been demonstrated with an H2O2-based propellant mixture called CMP-X. This unit propellant is non-toxic and does not require any special measures for long-term storage. CMP-X is eligible for UN Series 1, 3, and 6 and can be excluded from the explosives class list because it passed and did not show an explosion or mass explosion. Long-term stability testing is underway and has shown good stability to date. The CMP-X is not for the highest performance Isp, but for customers who can accept a modest 20% performance penalty (compared to the AF-315E and LMP-103S) due to the benefits of air transport. Designed as a liquid propellant option, range safety concerns are significantly reduced.