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Microsatellite bus MP42

SKU ST00118
The NanoAvionics satellite bus MP42 hardware and software, as well as the mission operations infrastructure, are established on a baseline architecture and mission-specific "building blocks" for flexible, time- and cost-effective integration and widespread application. Achieves reliability, reliability, reproducibility, and manufacturability. The MP42 bus is extremely versatile and its performance features are optimized for remote sensing, high data throughput and complex communications missions, emergency communications, and basic research missions. All require minimal reconfiguration. All MP42 subsystems have a proven track record in these various types of missions. The latest technological developments have been carried out to ensure the practical reliability of the platform. Important systems such as flight computers, payload controllers and power systems are 20krad radiation resistant and have an estimated lifespan of 5 years at LEO. The MP42 enables high payload data downlink speeds of up to 1 Gbps downlink in the X band, and intersatellite links ensure uninterrupted real-time communication (LEO-LEO and LEO-GEO options available). The MP42 bus can include a propulsion system that enables satellites to perform high impulse operations such as orbit deployment, orbit maintenance, precision flight in the formation, orbit synchronization, and atmospheric drag compensation. As a result, the life of satellite orbits will be extended, new opportunities for unique customer missions will be revealed, and constellation maintenance costs will be significantly reduced.