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Graphite sheet thermal strap

SKU ST00155

・ High heat transfer capacity due to multi-layer graphite sheet (GS)

-Lightweight (density 1.8 g / ㎤) → 1/5 of copper, 2/3 of aluminum

・ Flexible and bendable

・ Low outgas for space applications


Graphite sheet thermal straps are made from the ultra-high thermal conductivity graphite sheet, Graphinity ™. Graphinity ™ is a highly heat-resistant and highly crystalline graphite sheet developed based on Kaneka's polymer design technology and high-temperature firing technology. It has a thermal conductivity comparable to that of copper and is highly flexible. It is effective for heat diffusion and heat dissipation in various applications including mobile electronic devices.


* Please contact us as the quantity varies depending on the product and specifications.