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Antenna deployment system

by IMT Srl
SKU ST00115
It consists of two dipole antennas located in a small CubeSat unit with a maximum height of 6 mm. One dipole works in the UHF band and the second dipole works in the VHF band. The antenna module is compatible with the CubeSat construction and can be mounted on the top or bottom panel. It has an RF connector for antenna signals to the COMMS subsystem and specific connectors for directing digital communications, power signals, and telemetry to the OBDH, EPS, and ACS subsystems. In addition, its thinness allows solar panels to be mounted on top. The antenna is deployed via a tuned system bus or a thermal cutter with power supplied from an untuned battery pack voltage. The large central hole simplifies cabling and connectivity and allows the installation of other devices such as satellite dashcams.