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Thai Muspace to build spacecraft factory

On December 25, 2020, Thai startup Mu Space carried out the soft opening of Thailand's first spacecraft factory, a prototype that will be the basis for a full-scale large spacecraft factory to be built this year.

The future spacecraft factory will be medium-sized and will be used to produce and assemble Thailand's first spacecraft (a multipurpose reusable vehicle such as a spacecraft). The company also plans to produce satellite components, locally-made GPS systems, space data centers and more. To achieve this, Mu Space will use the funds raised in the Series B round earlier this year.

"The recently raised funds will be used to quickly build a large factory to build and assemble Thailand's first spacecraft, including satellite parts, domestic affairs, communications, security, and security," said CEO Varayutth Yenbamroong. It will be used in the manufacture of commercial spacecraft such as local production of GPS (Global Positioning System), robot testing, and autonomous system testing of unmanned vehicles used in lunar missions. " The factory will be equipped with a 5G communication system. It also functions as a platform for "Space IDC" technology development, and plans to conduct simulation tests of the "Space IDC" (Space Internet Data Center) in the first quarter of 2021.

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